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Baking soda – the all-round super powder

Baking soda is touted as a natural cleaning/beauty/deodorising/miscellaneous super powder. It can deodorise fridges and shoes, clean practically anything, treat insect bites, relieve heartburn and soften skin as a bath soak. Just to name a few. So why is baking soda so brilliant? It’s because baking soda is amphoteric meaning it can act as either acidic or alkaline. In water however, it is generally

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Why water and oil don’t mix

Water and oil don’t mix, because in the mixtures world: like attracts like. And oil and water don’t have much in common. Water is a tiny polar molecule – which means it has a slight positive and negative charge to it. Water molecules hang around together because their positive and negative charges are attracted to one another– just like opposite ends

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