Pins and Needles

I’m reminded about how fragile and complex our bodies are every time I sit funny, or lie on my arm in my sleep. That sometimes paralysing pain that comes after the numbness because you’ve sat on your foot for too long is your body waking back up again.

Pins-and-needles happens because a nerve is squished or doesn’t have enough blood going to it for it to be able to function properly for a period of time. Thats the sitting on your foot part.

Your foot becomes numb because the nerves cant send and recieve messages to and from your brain. “What foot? I cant see a foot” says your brain.

neuron cross stichWhen that pressure is gone, your nerves start rapid firing off to your brain to remind it that in fact, you do have a foot! The tingling-pins and needles effect is the nerves healing themselves- un-squishing!

The “Oh God I cant walk on my foot” feeling is your nerves sending lots of messages. “Walking it off” helps them do that more quickly so you can get on with your day by getting lots of blood to the area.

So thank you, body, for having the function to heal yourself after I’ve sat in a funny way.

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